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We have a Keeogo!

We had our "training day" today with Susie from B-Temia. These units are pretty awesome. Basically, they work by using sensors at the hips to figure out what your knees should be doing. They have motors at the knees to help with knee movement and control. Thanks to our clients who came in to be our test subjects today, we saw several benefits of having the Keeogo on. It improves the gait pattern which can improve stability and balance and allow someone to walk with less support, use stairs with less support, squat, lunge and even run! It makes pieces of the gait pattern easier, which can allow for a better pattern. It off-loads the knee joint which can decrease knee and leg pain and improve endurance. It makes going into standing easier, so we can work on strengthening in the standing position.

It's going to be exciting to incorporate Keeogo into our therapy sessions over the next couple of months.

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