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Frequently Asked Questions




Do you direct bill insurance companies?


Yes! We do offer direct billing, although sometimes your specific plan may not be able to direct bill.  In those situations we require payment after each appointment when we will then provide you with a receipt you can send to your insurer.


Do I require a referral to be covered under insurance?


Sometimes. Physiotherapy is considered a primary health care provider, which means that you do not need to see your doctor before coming to see us.  That said, some insurance plans still require you to get a referral from your doctor before they will provide coverage.  It's best to call your provider to clarify the policy.


Do you treat Motor Vehicle Accident Victims?


Yes! We are registered with FSCO (Financial Services Commission of Ontario) and HCAI (Health Insurance Claims for Auto Insurance) to provide direct billing for physiotherapy and massage treatment.  


We are the premiere Neurological Physiotherapy Clinic in the region, which means our clients benefit from the wealth of neurological knowledge our therapists provide if you are suffering symptoms involving the head or spine as well as any orthopaedic injuries.


Am I covered under OHIP?


Unfortunately we will not be offering OHIP coverage at our facility.  OHIP currently covers those under 19 or over 65 and have a referral from you doctor. If you qualify for OHIP you can get coverage at other clinics in town.


What should I expect on my Initial Assessment?


For your assessment, you should bring or wear comfortable clothing. After completing some short paperwork, the assessment includes background questions about your injury or condition.


Assessments usually take about an hour to complete, it is a very relaxed and informal setting offering you a large portion of time to discuss your unique situation. Your therapist will ask you questions about your injury or condition and will evaluate your posture and walking. They will then take a more detailed look at specific joints and muscles by assessing your range of motion, strength and endurance. There are then several special tests that help your therapist pinpoint what is going on and formulate a likely diagnosis.  At all times you will have an open communication with your therapist and will have everything explained as to why it is being tested and what the results mean.


After your assessment, your therapist will go through a proposed treatment plan and discuss how often you need to do your home exercises and attend physiotherapy visits in order to get your best and quickest outcome. 


Do you do home visits?


No, unfortunately we are unable to do home visits at this time. 

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