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Continuing with our quest to ward off frailty!

Over the last year, we have been creating programs at Active Living with the goal of staving off frailty.  We are working to prevent disability when we’re older and hoping to improve quality of life in the older adult.

Our new initiative is to help our age 70+ community gain strength and fitness.  Classes will be focused toward the older adult, with the goal of gaining confidence and independence with the most appropriate exercises.

Let’s ward of frailty!

So, what does frailty look like?

-you feel weaker

-you feel tired and like a lot of movements require a big effot

-you are shrinking (losing weight unintentionally, losing height quickly)

-you just can’t get going more than a couple of days per week

-you are walking more slowly

-you are worried about falling


If you or your loved ones show 3 or more of these signs, they should come in and see a physiotherapist.  We can figure out how to get you back on track, whether that is through physiotherapy sessions, exercise sessions with a physiotherapy assistant or by joining one of our exercise classes.


Call us at 705-748-2008 and ask for Julie for more information. Or email

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