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Walking on thin ice

Well, winter seems to have arrived today. In honour of my icy driveway, here is a website from Canada Safety Council focused on safety tips when walking in the winter. Walking is a fantastic way to exercise, so ideally you make some adjustments to decrease your risk of falls, and keep on walking! Stay safe out there.

A few points from the website:

-choose a good pair of winter boots

-Ice grippers on footwear can help

-Use a cane or walking sticks (or your walker if you have one)

-keep entranceways clear of ice and report hazards on sidewalks to the City

-ask a passer-by to help you cross an icy surface!

If you have to walk on an icy surface:

-slow down, spread your feet wide, bend your knees a little

-take a small step then place your whole foot down at once

-you can also choose to drag your feet forward slowly, just remember to keep your whole foot down

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