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Two-thirds of Ontario patients in need of urgent hip surgery face dangerously long wait times: study

I'm a little late in sharing this article but I found it interesting:

-The results of a report published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), showed that the average wait time for surgery was nearly 39 hours – much longer than the recommended "safe time frame" of 24 hours. Of the 42,000 patients sampled, just 14,000 underwent surgery within 24 hours.

-Previous research from the University of Toronto and the University Health Network found that adults who waited longer than 24 hours for hip fracture surgery had a higher risk-adjusted chance of dying within 30 days.

-"We are doing much better than what we used to be, so wait times are coming down, but we feel as though we can still make great improvements. . . . We do need more resources for urgent surgical procedures. It’s just something that’s necessary."

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