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Preventing heart disease, stroke can offer protection for brain: report

This is another report/study that can support that exercise is neuro-protective

“We’re coming to realize that blood vessels of whatever size, whether they are the aorta or the coronary vessels, they are very closely linked to what happens in the brain,” he said from London, Ont. “Because if they don’t function, they cannot supply the brain well, and the brain suffers as a consequence.”

The authors of this report outline their findings "from an analysis of 2.6 million hospitalizations of Canadians with cardiovascular disease between 2007 and 2017. They found that people being treated for one cardiovascular condition were at increased risk for developing multiple related conditions that could result in hospital readmission or death."

"Forty per cent of patients were readmitted on or more times for a new related illness, the study found."

"It's not just living with the heart disease or the stroke, it's the increased risk in complications of having multiple conditions. And the fact that all of these put you at higher risk of dementia."

Some other findings:

— People with heart failure were 2.6 times more likely to experience vascular cognitive impairment, while those with the cardiac rhythm condition atrial fibrillation were 1.4 times more likely to experience VCI.

— Those with heart valve disease were found to have a 25 per cent increased risk of vascular cognitive impairment.

— And almost a third of patients who suffered a second stroke were at risk of developing VCI.

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