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Prevent A Snow-Shovelling Back Injury

There are a lot of articles online with tips for good body mechanics when shoveling snow.

Here’s a quick list of tips:

First, ideally push the snow to one side instead of lifting.

However, if you’re unable to do that:

  • always face the snow you intend to lift (hips and shoulders squarely facing it)

  • bend at your hips (not at your back), then bend your knees and lift with your legs while keeping your back straight

  • always pivot your whole body instead of twisting your back when facing a new directions

  • ideally walk to the new location and dump the snow off of the shovel instead of throwing it

Otherwise, take breaks every 15 minutes for a quick stretch of your shoulders and back (stand up straight and stretch backward as possible).

And of course, use a snow blower if possible. Again though, bend and push with your legs, keeping your back straight.

Don’t curse the snow too much. We made it all the way until the end of December without anything to shovel! We can handle a few months of this now ... right?

What we can do at the clinic:

Come on in for some tips in person. We can demonstrate good body mechanics and build up your strength in the appropriate muscles. We can also help you if it’s too late and you already hurt your back with the snowfall last week.

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