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Physiotherapy for people with Parkinson’s disease

Regular exercise benefits people with Parkinson’s disease by decreasing stiffness and improving mobility, balance, posture and gait. If you exercise, you raise your strength and energy threshold so that you can tolerate more activity. All of this makes getting dressed, making food and other everyday tasks easier and safer.

Exercise has also been shown to slow overall progression of Parkinson's symptoms!

Active Living Physiotherapy and Fitness Club is experienced and passionate in neurological physiotherapy. We have several options to support our clients with Parkinson’s.

What we offer at Active Living:

1. One on one therapy ($78-$115)

A physiotherapist will assess and and help you plan what is best for you and keeping you mobile. Sometimes this involves many appointments to improve your mobility and safety or sometimes it may be just one appointment to help set up a home exercise program.

2. Small exercise classes ($35)

Our classes are designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s disease and come with the added benefits of peer support and motivation.

Come exercise in a fun and easy-going environment to get your blood pumping and your body moving! Beginner exercisers are welcome, no experience necessary.

3. LSVT BIG ($2070)

This program is very intense. It helps teach you how much energy or power you need to complete a functional movement. There are standard every-day exercises with this program as well as functional exercises that are chosen specifically to help you. The most important part of this program is that everything you learn is incorporated into your daily life.

The Result:

With Parkinson’s progressively making some movements more difficult, you need exercise to keep yourself mobile. Physiotherapist guided exercises will help ensure you're working efficiently toward your functional goals.

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