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Physiotherapy and exercise classes for Stroke

Talking "Stroke", following the Canadian Physiotherapy Association's Stroke information tweet: It was volunteering with people who had suffered a stroke that ultimately inspired me to become a physiotherapist. It’s a passion that has stuck with me today and one that I know I share with all my colleagues at Active Living Physiotherapy.

To provide the best care to our stroke clients, we are continually looking at ways we can be better. One initiative that helps us do this is “neuro rounds.” This gives us all a chance to discuss our clients and plan best treatments. Primarily our therapy is focused on function, working toward more normal movement patterns and practising activities that are difficult. We can work on strengthening, walking patterns, arm and hand use, improving endurance or balance and increasing independence. Neurological therapy is beneficial even many years after a stroke. In the gym, we have been able to offer an exercise class for our clients who have had a stroke. The goal of the class is to add exercise into their life in order to decrease the risk of having another stroke. Since it is a class structure, it also lowers the cost as compared to a 1:1 physiotherapy session, which is great for people who may not have any private funding. Here is the information we posted about this class in January, if you haven't already read it:!New-Fitness-Program-for-Individuals-who-have-had-a-Stroke/c6ex/568736d30cf21caddb9dd33b

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