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Physiotherapy, a fitness club and exercise classes!

Talking about arthritis still, at Active Living Physiotherapy and Fitness Club, we can offer several ways to help you safely add exercise into your life.

As physiotherapists, we can assess your abilities and difficulties and help guide you. We can start you with an individual exercise plan to treat your arthritis and progress toward your functional goals. We have some hands-on techniques that can decrease arthritis pain and we can help adjust your walking pattern to decrease stress on your joints.

At the Fitness club, we can offer several small and supportive exercise classes such as T'ai Chi, Osteoporosis prevention, Falls prevention and Yoga, all great classes for people with arthritis.

We can also teach you how to use the fitness club's equipment and set you up on a program for success. We have personal trainers who have special training with many different conditions and medical problems. They can suggest exercises to avoid and better exercises to help you successfully improve your health without increasing your arthritis pain.

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