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In like a Lamb, out like a Lion

Hello March!

The glorious month of increased sunshine, that melting dirty snow/mud combination, spring-cleaning and the unveiling of the many months of hidden dog poop.

We’re usually pretty good at spring cleaning up our homes, fixing a leaky faucet, repairing loose shingles or digging out leaf filled eves troughs. However, some of us, through the hustle and bustle of daily living, forget that we need to maintain and refresh our own BODIES as well. Our body is a temple right… or something like that. Either way – we’ve only got one so we might as well take care of it.

Getting in shape is not just about a fad diet plan, a 4 week bootcamp or juicing all meals for the next few weeks (though some of your goals may be met this way). Getting in shape is a commitment to a new LIFESTYLE.

A good way to kickstart your new lifestyle is by taking care of any niggling pains or troublesome areas that have been bothering you for a while.

A couple of ways to address this include physiotherapy and massage. A physiotherapist can help diagnose any injury, weakness, postural abnormalities and problem areas; prescribe specific exercises tailored to your specific condition which could in turn help you to get back to activity sooner and exercise your body without causing further injury.

A registered massage therapist could help get you going in the right direction with either a relaxation type treatment or a targeted treatment addressing specific problems you are experiencing.

Both of these professions believe in the power of physical activity to reducing dysfunction and restoring normal movement patterns so that you’ll be able to get back into the gym (or field, pitch, bike etc) and come out stronger, have increased endurance, improved muscle length and be without pain.

So let’s go into March as the little lambs we are, and emerge by the end of the month strong and fit as a Lion – with the positivity to boot! …. Hopefully then we may have the motivation to pick up the mountains of dog poop that await us…

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