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How to stay well – both physically and mentally- while practicing social distancing

It’s a hard time of year to begin with, winters on its way out (let’s hope anyway) and we should all be gearing up to shed the winter blues and get going again. But instead of shaking off the cold and getting out and about we’re being asked to stay indoors and distance ourselves from our community members. Although it may be tough, it’s the right thing to do, so let’s band together and start some indoor fitness challenges to keep us going! Friendly rivalry is always welcome, right?

Exercise, in any form, is proven effective for improving health and well-being. It can help manage and reduce stress, increase energy, decrease aches and pains, stave off health issues and help manage or improve current medical conditions. Our healthcare system is trying to gear up to take on a major medical concern, so let’s take some action ourselves! Take this time to get into a new fitness regime, or if you’re used to having one don’t lose it now! Let’s keep ourselves out of our doctor’s offices and hospitals for problems exercise can solve!

Here are a few helpful tips to get you started!

· Make a schedule! At a time like this, many folks are not working, trying to keep kids amused and happy, or are just off of their regular everyday routine. It’s important to keep some semblance of a routine, for our bodies and especially our kids! Try to get up around the same time, have meals on a schedule, go to bed at a reasonable hour each night and most importantly plan some time to exercise!

· Hold yourself accountable! Although we may not be able to meet up at the gym, gab with our fellow mall walkers, or attend our favorite fitness classes, nothing is stopping you from sending a text, email, or posting about your fitness accomplishment of the day! “Hey it’s time to exercise!”, “I’m moving, are you?” Or hey, start a new social media challenge, show us all your creative ways to keep yourself active indoors!

· Your own body goes a long way! You don’t need equipment, or even a routine to follow, there are benefits to just getting your body moving on a regular basis. Try some body weight exercises, get outside and go for a walk, or just have a dance party in your living room! Anything counts!

· Find something you like, or try something new! It can be tough to get motivated to exercise in the best of times. Use this time to explore your online options. There are plenty of great fitness regimes and genres that are even making free trials available so take advantage! Whether you want some calming yoga or thai chi videos, or more high intensity boot camps, there’s something out there for everyone!

So yes, stay inside, stay at home, distance yourself from your community and stay safe. But don’t stay on the couch! Don’t lose all structure to your day! Don’t shed your winter blues only to pick up the quarantine whoahs. Get Up! Get Moving! Stay healthy! There are plenty of ways to stay active and healthy at home.

Share what you’re doing to keep active and exercise so you can inspire others too!

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