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Excellent results with LSVT-BIG


We are excited to announce we’ve had our first participant complete the LSVT-BIG program, and what a success! It was hard work for our client, having to complete structured exercises twice a day, 7 days a week, for 4 whole weeks, and required a lot of planning and collaboration for myself and Emily, but we are all so proud of the way things turned out. Even though he already participated in our Parkinson’s exercise classes 3 times per week, this intense and individualized program allowed our first LSVT-Alumni to reach strength, balance and aerobic fitness goals. We used a variety of outcome measures, specific to Parkinson’s Disease, before and after the program and wouldn’t you know, he improved in ALL measures! Each of the functional goals laid out by the client were achieved and Emily and I thoroughly enjoyed making these goals challenging and seeing the progress with each step towards accomplishing them.

With his peers watching, our first participant received lots of encouragement and other members of our Parkinson’s exercise classes have been eager to sign up for the LSVT-BIG program, with round two starting this week! Our staff look forward to offering an LSVT-Alumni class to participants who have completed the program so we can continue to watch them succeed with their new found mobility!

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