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Dizziness and Weather Changes

When people have dizziness caused by BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo), we are able to perform a maneuver which completely gets rid of the symptoms. There are several different maneuvers but we can figure out which one will work for which BPPV during an assessment.

Anyway, we tend to see clusters of people with BPPV. July has usually historically been a busy month for maneuvers. However with all of this changing weather, we have seen a trend toward more BPPV as well. Last year an article was published looking into the weather playing a factor in the cause of BPPV.

In short, it looks like changing weather, especially changing temperatures could be a trigger for positional vertigo however most likely other factors are needed at the same time. These factors could be hormonal changes, infections or allergies or more involved neurological factors.

Either way, it's pretty amazing how quickly a maneuver can completely get rid of your symptoms. Call us if you're dizzy!

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