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Celebrating 1 year in Fitness!

It's been fantastic this past year having a fully stocked gym attached to the clinic. It has given us a larger variety of exercises to choose from and has added to the creativity of all of our treatment sessions. We use it with nearly all of our clients for at least some of their therapy sessions with some of the lucky ones getting to spend their whole therapist session in the gym! :)

I've really come to love having the equipment, space and added expertise of the Fitness staff. Two of our most recent endeavours, which would not be possible without the gym, have been the inclusions of exercise classes for stroke survivors and for mild traumatic brain injury survivors. These classes have been well received and really fit well with our passion.

About the only negative to the gym? Every time Copper "loses" me, she has a lot more ground to cover.

Anyway, to celebrate our 1-year anniversary with the Fitness club, we have a few things planned. We are going to have a few 1-hour information sessions to help add to our clientele's overall health and help them achieve their goals. Emily is going to present about heart rate and exercise intensity. We are also going to have a talk from a Holistic Nutritionist to help us focus on diet. Active Living Fitness Club will post more about these talks soon, but keep 4:00 on April 21st and 28th free, if possible. Everyone who attends a talk will have their name entered into a draw. The draw is for a basket of goodies valued at over $200, filled with items to add to your fitness and health. The draw will be held at the end of the month.

And because we're generally silly people, we are going to start off our celebration month with a silly questionnaire on our website. By answering the questionnaire, you will be entered into a draw. The first person to get the questionnaire perfect, will have their names entered 5 times!

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