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CBC: Ontario's long-term care crisis

From the article:

"They describe a system where overstretched, underpaid workers are expected to handle more and more residents — many arriving with increasingly complex care issues because of earlier releases from health-care facilities. Residents miss meals, continent patients are put in diapers because no one can bring them to the bathroom in a timely fashion, and there aren't enough personnel to ensure violent patients don't hurt others, the workers say."

We have been talking about this the past couple of weeks because of a few clients who we feel are not getting the appropriate care. We are concerned about how much worse things are getting in nursing homes. With increasing numbers of seniors needing care, it seems like things are only going to get worse.

Along with the complaints in this article, it seems that standards have changed and less people are allowed to participate in a standing transfer. This means less standing which further decreases mobility, as well as makes it more difficult for our gastrointestinal system to work properly. Not only does this lead to incontinence, but it also contributes to medical problems in already frail people.

My final complaint; physiotherapy funding has decreased at these facilities, therefore people are losing mobility and becoming weaker and more frail sooner.

The Ontario Liberal governement needs to look at this system and overhaul it quickly. They are taking away funding instead of spending it BETTER. We need a multidisciplinary approach to improve health and quality of life in our vulnerable seniors. We're moving toward a crisis.

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