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Buy optional MED-REHAB BENEFITS from your car insurance NOW

OK, this is my post where I sound like a late night sales person...please stick with me.

Do you drive a car and care about yourself and your passengers? Ontario car insurance has changed drastically over the last year resulting in a SIGNIFICANT reduction in the basic amount of insurance required by Ontario law.

Sadly, most people just renew with the minimum coverage thinking it's enough or that OHIP will save them. I can assure you this isn't the case. Insurance coverage is what provides the services you need post accident weeks, months and years after. Without it, your quality of life is SUBSTANTIALLY worsened.

I see people who have been injured in car accidents whose basic coverage has run out. They are left to inadequate, publicly funded rehabilitation services (often these are not even available) and their recovery is halted. AVOID this devastation by adding "optional Med Rehab benefits" to your car insurance. The cost to do this is nominal for the coverage it can provide.

Do it! Call your insurance broker today!

For more information see the chart below outlining which Optional Benefits to buy. When we first inquired about our option benefits it was overwhelming to see the choices and understand what you're looking at. You want to increase your Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care benefits (ideally for both non-catastrophic and catastrophic injuries but at the minimum buy the catastrophic category). These benefit changes happened June 1, 2016.

(Chart courtesy the Ontario Rehab Alliance)


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