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Being active in middle age "prevents Alzheimer's disease"

I know I've posted information about exercise preventing cognitive decline already in the past year, but I just find this so amazing! We have been hearing about the medical benefits of exercise for a long time, but more recently there has been a lot research to support all of these medical benefits. Benefits to your heart health, mood, overall mobility and bone health are all more obvious benefits. But it amazes me how much research is now proving that regular exercise can prevent cognitive decline and dementia.

This article sums up a study published in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

-scientists assessed range of lifestyle factors over the course of 20 years

-included exercise, diet, education, smoking, height, weight and BMI

-found that EXERCISE was the MOST important factor in preventing dementia

-Dr Szoeke said the best effects come from cumulative exercise, that is, how much you do and how often over the course of your life

-'The message is very simple,' she said. 'Do more physical activity, it doesn't matter what, just move more and more often. It helps your heart, your body and prevents obesity and diabetes and now we know it can help your brain.'

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