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A word from Copper

Hi Friends!

It’s me, Copper – your friendly neighbourhood physio pup here to brighten your day. As you may already know, I work at Active Living on Mondays to Thursdays, sharing lots of cuddles and eating treats all day long. I’m writing this blog to inform our dedicated readers that I’m not just a pretty face (and nubby tail) but that many studies have shown there are multiple benefits to having pets, especially dogs, in the workplace. There is evidence that suggests hanging out with fluffy friends like me all day can help reduce stress in the workplace, encourage longer working hours (more time with my friends!) and increase camaraderie (Journal of Workplace Health Management, 2012; American Pet Products Manufacturers, 2008). This means that the Physiotherapists, RMTs, personal trainers and admin staff are in a better state of mind while treating you, our clients, which will result in a more positive experience and effective treatment.

I found this one article (as I was google searching with my fluffy paws) that speaks all about what some of my buddies do as their day job – Pet Therapy. Have a sniff at this website:

Animal assisted therapy is a little different and can result in benefits such as reduction of depressive symptoms, releasing endorphins, encourage empathy, instill feelings of acceptance or fulfillment and cause a calming effect with patients ( .

AND THAT’S NOT ALL! You should see what some of my horse friends can do for restoring normal movement patterns in those with neurological disorders. It’s called hippotherapy but strangely has nothing to do with hippos…Yes, I’m just as disappointed as you are. Have a look though, I still find it pretty neato.

I don’t mean to pump my own paws here guys but the research proves it… I’m clearly the most valuable team member at the clinic, as I’m sure you’ll agree. Come by anytime to see me. I love bones, snuggles and making new friends smile.

Love your friend,


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