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New "day surgery" hip-replacement technique at St. Mike's

-Unlike more traditional hip replacements, with incisions to reach the joint through either a patient’s side or back, Dr. Amir Khoshbin is performing the operation through the front and using a special surgical table to aid that approach.

The benefit is that patients begin recovering more quickly and are able to go home the same day as the surgery, instead of needing to be admitted for at least a day or two, as is usually the case.

“I wouldn’t use the word better or easier,” the surgeon said. “I do think if you look at the different approaches for hips, if you look at six months or a year, there’s absolutely no difference with respect to outcomes. At one year, 90 to 95 per cent are doing very well.

“However, there might be a faster recovery and maybe a little less use of narcotics, being able to wean off the ambulatory aids, mainly within the very acute phases of two to six weeks.

“So it does help with the rapid recovery.”

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