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Functional goals & neurological physiotherapy

Neurological physiotherapy is basically practicing functional movements.  We look at your goals and your current abilities, and then we make a plan to help you move better and easier.  
Maybe you want to be able to get up off of the floor.  We can break that task down into arm and leg strengthening, getting up from low surfaces, positioning and stretching, as well as simply practicing getting up from the floor with assistance.
Maybe you want to be able to sit on the edge of a bed safely and independently.  We can help you strengthen your muscles that keep you steady.  We can give suggestions to set up your environment better.  And most importantly, we can give the physical assistance needed for you to practice this until you don’t need our assistance anymore.
Some neurological conditions decline as we age, such as Parkinson’s disease or Multiple sclerosis.  Physiotherapy can help keep you functional by adding exercise to your life, adjusting exercise plans as needed, and working to regain movements that may have declined.  Research has shown that getting and keeping active significantly helps to slow the progress of these diseases.
Active Living Physiotherapy is passionate and experienced in neurological physiotherapy.  Call us today with any questions. 

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