March 29th, 2020 Update

To our clients,

We have been worried about some of our clients who depend on physiotherapy to help get and keep them mobile.  Without mobility, they are at a higher risk of falling and causing further disability, but more urgent is that with immobility comes the increased risk of contracting illnesses.  Physiotherapy can help keep frail seniors and people with disabilities out of the hospital.  We can help them stave off disease and injury.   


As you know, our clinic has shut down indefinitely.  We know that this virus is going to remain a risk for quite a while still.  We are offering telerehab if it is appropriate and we will be continuing to email/text/call our clients to check in as well. 

However, we feel that it is important to have an option for some of our most in-need clients as well.  Therefore, we are offering in-clinic appointments to our clients and other community members.


Physiotherapy services are on the Ontario government’s list as a business that can remain open for emergent care.  A lot of Physiotherapy is not necessarily emergent; however, we have made a list of some areas that we work with, who may need this emergent care. 


  • Head Injuries - new concussions as well as mild traumatic brain injuries with ongoing symptoms lasting past 3 months.  Best practices show early intervention is important with these injuries.

  • Multiple and complex injuries from car accidents or falls. 

  • People who have had a recent Stroke, multiple sclerosis flare-up or a new diagnosis of a neurological disorder or disease.  Best practices show that early rehabilitation is important.

  • Dizziness – if you are dizzy when you roll over in bed or move your head quickly, you may have Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.  It can feel very scary and send people to the emergency room for treatment.  We are very experienced with BPPV and suggest that you come to us instead of going to the hospital. 

  • Any injury where you are anxious that you won’t recover.  Just one appointment can help you improve your function and decrease your anxiety 

For our ongoing clients who are in this list, we will be contacting you, if we haven’t already.  However if you are feeling anxious about your progress, need changes in your rehabilitation plan or have questions, please contact us.  

Our plan is that we will set up an assessment or appointment with you and a therapist, with no other clients in the clinic.  We would do this by assuring there is extra time between each appointment, which would also allow for thorough cleaning between each client.  We will also continue to follow strict cleaning protocols throughout the clinic to minimize any risk of exposure.  

Our clinic will remain closed and we will greet people at the door.


You may need just one appointment to get started with home rehabilitation and then we can monitor you by phone or by email.

You may need some ongoing therapy with hands-on assistance.  If this is the case, we can work together to figure out how we can do this safely and still progress you.

I’ll be checking voice mail daily and emails frequently so please do not hesitate to call us.  Your mobility, independence and quality of life matters.


p: 705-748-2008

Thank you and stay safe,

Fax:  705-748-9397

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