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To celebrate our 1-year anniversary of opening up the Fitness Club, we have put together a prize pack!  It’s value is over $200 and is focused on health and fitness.  A draw will be held at the end of April to award the winner!


There are going to be a few ways to enter to win this prize pack.  Up first, we are doing a “How well do you know the ALPFC staff” contest.  We each chose one (rather easy) question about ourselves for this questionnaire.  The first person to complete it gets their name entered into the draw 5 times.  Everyone who completes the questionnaire will have their name entered in the draw 1 time.


*If you come into the clinic or gym, you are allowed to ask us the answers. However, we will only each answer our own question for you.  Also, most answers are either on our website or somewhere within ALPFC.*


Stay tuned for other ways to enter your name into the prize pack draw throughout April.